Frequently Asked Questions

Sea Scouts is a specialized program, organized to address a youth members' boating skills and promote knowledge of our maritime heritage. Sea Scout units, called “ships,” focus on sailing and cruising either sailboats, power vessels or paddle sports.
Visit the How Much Does it Cost page for more information.
Since we are just getting started, we are planning to meet at 7:30PM on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month (location TBD). Please double check our EVENTS page for the most up to date information prior to attending.

There will be additional events and activities that will fall on other days/nights but we will provide advance notice.
As we are a new Ship, all applications must be filled out, printed and signed. We will collect all applications at our meeting or you can contact us ( to arrange for mailing or pickup. In the future, online applications will be available.

In addition to the application, payment for annual membership fees are to be included. The annual fee of $100 is prorated based on the time you join, quarterly. For details on how this is calculated, please visit our How Much Does it Cost page. Checks can be made out to Sea Scout Ship 2511.
We do have the same swimming requirements as the BSA:

75 meters - front stroke
25 meters - elementary back stroke
Relaxed Float (we recommend 60 seconds)
The best part about Ship 2511 is that we get to decide what interests us and the things we want to partake in. Below is a list of some, not all, of the things we can do:

- Basic Canoeing/Kayak/Paddleboard skills and PFD usage
- Learn to tie 12 basic knots
- Communication - learning how to do radio calls and talk to the Coast Guard
- Learning the different parts of the boat and how to use correct terminology - "speak boat"
- Different day programs available based on interests
- Different weekend programs, partnership with other Ships. based on interest
We're scheduled to meet on the second and fourth Wednesday, and a weekend/overnight event per month. As the Ship grows, so will the opportunity to participate in more events and activities.

The opportunities are limitless, so the more you want to put into the Scouts, the more you'll receive.
You must be 21 years or older, complete a background check and successfully complete the youth protection training (online). 

For additional information, check out this LINK.