How Much Does It Cost

Scouting costs are always a moving target and vary based on level of involvement. If you’re familiar with Boy Scouts, Sea Scouts cost about the same – often less.

2019/2020 Estimated Costs

2019 BSA Dues $    10.00
2019 Ship Dues $    12.00
2020 BSA Dues $    39.00
2020 Ship Dues $    50.00
Scout Costs $    50.00
Due at Sign-Up $    161.00
Uniform $    40.00
Activities/Events (Scout Costs) $    200.00
Total $    401.00


  • BSA Dues – Annual dues paid to the Boy Scouts of America (not applicable if already paid).
  • Ship Dues – Covers administrative costs to run the Ship.
  • Scout Costs – We maintain an account for each Scout, used to pay for individual costs such as events or patches. Incremental invoices will be sent to replenish the account as funds are exhausted (min $20).  Troop Track, Parent Funded Accounts, is the system we use to manage our finances.
  • Uniform – Please visit our Uniforms page for more details on purchasing a uniform.
  • Activities/Events – This cost is in proportion to the activities your Scout is involved in, and will be deducted from your account balance (Scout Costs).

NOTE:  No transportation or meal costs have been factored into the estimated costs.